ACCU-660 Bedknife Grinder

The ACCU-Pro 661 AT and ACCU-Pro 661 MT

Economy bedknife grinder provides more for less…

The ACCU-Pro 661 AT and ACCU-Pro 661 MT are packed with features without breaking the budget. The 661 MT has all the same great features of the 661 AT, minus the low maintenance traverse belt and electronics for the auto-traverse (AT) function

ACCU-Pro 661 Offers:

Bedknife Support Tooling uses permanent magnet to secure the bedknife.

Full Featured Grinding Head Design allows for incremental infeeds of .001" (.025 mm) as the rigid carriage makes grinding smooth and precise.

Smooth Auto-Traverse Function to traverse the grinding head automatically down the length of the bedknife on two precision rails. (661 AT)