ACCU-Sharp Model 653


Model 653

Automated In-Feed Grind Cycles for both the spin
and relief grind process separates Foley United from
all others! The ACCU-Touch 3 control innovations
continue making grinding easier than ever.

Two Minutes to Spin Grind is all it takes when
distinguishing technician time from grind time. Let
the ACCU-Touch 3 do the work while you do
something else.

Hands-Free Relief is the feature that has courses
around the world opting for grinders that do more than
just spin grind. Foley United’s automation of in-feeds
and the patented auto-index provides productivity and
choice that other grinders don’t.

Our patent-pending Automatic Placement System features the ACCU-Reel Selector and Cylinder Height Stop that automatically
locates the reel for a fast and easy placement to spin
and relief grind in one set-up. specifications

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