Semi-Automatic Bedknife Grinder Model 672

ACCU-Pro Model 672 and Model 673 Bedknife Grinders

The 672 ACCU-Pro bedknife grinder, first introduced in 1997, has dominated bedknife grinder sales worldwide ever since its introduction.  Now, the most popular bedknife grinder in the world just got better with the fully-automatic Model 673.

The Model 673 features 5 preset programs that automatically traverse and infeed the grinding head. Select a program and the Model 673 will start the motors, traverse, infeed, and shut down when the program is finished.  Both models feature auto-alignment, auto-angle positioning systems, and a maintenance free belt-traverse drive. These features, combined with a steel reinforced hood, new control panel design, and extra storage space, add the kind of value that comes naturally with all Foley United equipment.