Maintenance Instructions for Each Model

600 Maintenance Instruction

605 Maintenance Instruction

630 Maintenance Instruction

632 Maintenance Instruction

650-652 Maintenance Instruction

670 Maintenance Instruction

Grinding Wheels by Model Number

General Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance Instruction - Video

Updating the Touchscreen - Video

Replace Cross Slides - Video

Adjust the Cross Slide Assembly - Video

Replacing Actuator Bearings - Video

632-652 Spindle Replacement - Video

672 Magnet Adjustments - Video

Replacing Linear Bearings - Video

Updating or Loading a Program - PLC - Video

Replacing the Stepper Infeed Control - Video

672 Preventing Corrosion in the Coolant Tank

Traverse Board Conversion

Traverse Conversion 6507492

Wire Number Protocol

Bedknife Grinder Set up Grind Angles

Service Bulletin Height Stop Setting


Electrical Troubleshooting

How to use a Multimeter

Maintenance Kits

Available Kits

6527960 Traverse Kit

6507402 Stepper Kit