All of Foley United's ACCU-series reel grinders combine the two most desirable features in the grinding business: spin and automatic-indexing relief systems. And with our extensive experience serving the turf industry, we can provide a range of options that fit your budget and production needs.
  • ACCU-Sharp 618 Spin/Relief Reel Grinder

    With the ability to gauge, touch-up spin grind, and relief grind with the patented Auto-Index Relief system, you will not find a lower cost solution for your grinding needs.

  • ACCU-Spin 622 SO/SG/SGR

    The ACCU-Spin 622 SO is the base model, giving you a quality “Spin-Only” machine. Between Foley United’s unique Rear Roller Mounting system and Automated Infeeds, touch-off spin grinding has never been more accurate or productive.

  • ACCU-Pro Model 633

    The tabletop set-up and quality control features make this unit an industry leader. Accu-Reel Selector and Cylinder Height Stop system automatically tells the operator where to
    position the reel. Pre-set Relief Angles are easily identified on a new Relief Angle Adjuster, automatically providing proper clearances and angles for each reel type. No time for specs—no problem! Pull the reel off after the spin grind—the choice is yours with the ACCU-Pro 633.

  • ACCU-Master Model 653

    Foley United sets the standard once again with the  feature-packed ACCU-Master 653. The totally enclosed, automated reel grinder takes technology to new levels with the ACCU-Touch 3 Control for quicker grind cycles for both the spin and relief processes. Choose the operator-preferred reel grinder and select the ACCU-Master 653.